Marche Event

We define Marche Event Management, founded in 2009, as an "event administration company" whose roots in the architectural field are enriched by professionals from various areas of the event organization sector. By the ability of the experienced Marche Team on design and organization, we see "event management" as a whole and provide a new perspective on the sector.

For us, every event is a construct and every construct is a process by which varied disciplines are considered in combination, and synchronization. As the Marche Team, we focus on the design and performance aspects of this process, direct the entire plan with flawless precision, foresee all possible problems.

We handle in-house the design and production services, many companies outsource. This distinctive feature makes it possible to combine disciplines that might otherwise compete, and to forge common ground as the event requires. We are also able to go beyond our own team and consult with independent designers and artists to form larger teams.