Event organization is based in a form of planning combining several different disciplines. Creative ideas developed in accord with institutional culture are planned out with several different variables. The management of time is the most important factor in taking a project from the planning stage to fulfillment. The simultaneous working of the principal parts of a project takes flawless planning and ensures that the work of subordinate teams runs smoothly.

Marche Event Management singles out in advance each detail that may cause trouble, thinking through, planning out and realizing your project for you.


We may define decoration as the design, according to a specified concept, of all elements of the location in which an event will be staged. The design of an event location begins with the entrance of the hotel or event hall and, according to the wishes of the client, extends to spaces such as lobby areas or conference halls, or to the décor of a performance space or ballroom. Marche Event Management, with its architecture based viewpoint, directs this process effectively. At every event, Marche sees design as an integral part of the job and makes a specified concept felt in three dimensions.


Entertainment includes enjoyment, to comprehend every element included in the concept, defining the participants in an event. It is one of the most important ways to define the performance activity and strengthen the fundamental message to be received by the audience.
The Marche Entertainment department is made up of teams specializing in finding what is new and appropriate for the event.


Fairs are the arena of groups and associations. Here you have the opportunity to exhibit and differentiate your product or service before the public. Thus the service we offer you must be the design of stands but to make use of all components reflecting all the values of a product or association. Stands must be designed in such a way that they do not overwhelm the product or service. They must stand out enough to be distinguishable from their competitors and yet be enough in the background that they do not overwhelm the product/service.

"Marche Fair" works according to all these principles in order to determine your needs, design and produce for you, and serve you throughout the duration of the fair. You pack your bag, we will take care of the rest.

"Marche Fair" stand services
  • Stand design and mounting
  • Activity planning
  • Advertising activities
  • Sound and lighting services
  • Promotion services
  • Stand hosting
  • Stand security
  • Stand cleaning
  • Food and drink services

Wedding - Party

Marche, on their customers' very special day, go beyond preparing colour and texture, helping them to find their own voices. Marche, knows who you are, why you have choosen each other and reflects this to the atmosphere of the weddings and always accompanies you to make the best beginning for this life path.