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Marche Event Management was established in 2009. Our foundation was laid with the aim of using the education and experience of our “architectural” and “performing arts-based” company founders with a new perspective in the event industry. Over the years, it has reached a meaningful place in the sector as an “Event design and management” company based on storytelling and 360-degrees communication, enriching it with professionals from different fields and disciplines of MICE Industry. Our experience of long years on design and event management , our capability to evaluate all stages of an event as a whole, our ability to use the word “design” in all areas of communication and our new, up-to-date and creative perspective have positioned us to a different place in the sector’s competition.

For us, every ‘event’ is primarily a good concept, and every cocnept is a process in which different disciplines are considered together and carried out synchronously. As Marche, we reckon/ foresee  in advance all the problems that may arise during this process and ensure the process to run smoothly by offering alternative solutions when necessary.

We make the word “design” -which is sometimes overlooked in the sector – an integral part of planning and production services, and present it to you within the structure of Marche. This privilege allows different disciplines to be blended in the most appropriate way based on the requirements of the event without contradicting with each other. Therefore, in line with the project requirements, we are able to form large teams consulting our many solution partners, designers and artists who provide independent services in the sector.









Every event is a delivery of a “message” to a target audience in a correct, understandable manner in accordance with the brand identity. Understanding the message to be given to this audience, with effective and strong questions is the most basic element of receiving a brief. Powerful questions also help detailand strengthen the message concept in our? customer’s mind. Case studies made in parallel with correct briefs form the seeds of the project we start to design. “Listening” to our customer is the first step for the process of transforming the message into concepts and visuals suitable for the target audience.



Every event is actually a three-dimensional relationship. Events where five senses are used effectively are important environments for messages to be conveyed to the target audiences in an understandable way.For this reason veya therefore (birini seciniz :)), we define ourselves with the word “360 degree Design”. We go beyond the standardized reception desks, stage designs, and gala nights in the MICE Industry, and make every medium that can be designed suitable for the perception of the message, a part of the project. Sometimes we relate a message with a ballet piece, and sometimes with a communicayion sent to their inbox at an unexpected moment.



As well as designing an event properly, it is also very important that each item designed can be executed “as designed” during anevent . The concept project we have prepared with the possibilities offered by technology are only a starting point. However, the design should also be able to be executed as designed.

For this reason, executing the projects we design is an integral part of our process management. Proper planning with all our solution partners is the basis criterion for the dream to come to life completely.



Each event starts with design and continues with the set-up it in the event venue. Doesn’t an event actually starts with the first of the audience entering the venue? Every concept you talked about for days, even months, is now experienced in every detail in theevent area. The process of executing every moment during the event in a correct and planned way is the “real moment” when your message, starting with a word, passes to your audience. The project you have dreamed of for months is coming into life andit does not allow an error or a glitch. In this context, we plan and execute this most important moment for you and we will be with you throughout the event.

We are different, we are experienced, we are creative...