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2010 YPO – İstanbul Modern Museum

“Concept Design” requires a good story set up at the very beginning of the project. When you design multiple events, to examine the concept of “customer” well and to determine the common taste and message of the project at the very beginning, gives you the chance to see the success of the project at the design stage.

YPO was a 3-day project, where we welcomed our guests at Sait Halim Paşa Mansion, then continued at the Istanbul Modern Museum and finalized at the 1001 Direk Cistern with a gala night.

When you think of the “message integrity” in multi-event design, the special moments designed in this project, which started with the ethnic richness of Anatolia, then continued with the experience of a museum in modern Turkey, and finalized with an intricate “1000s-year-old Istanbul Mosaic” in the final showed us how necessary “experience design” is in an event, even in those years.

As always, art was still an integral part of it, and the “Harem Ballet”, which was specially designed for this night, is still in the first place in our most admired list.

Click to watch the collage video of the project.