2013 – Kerastase Product Launch

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2013 Kerastase Product Launch – Love Valley- Capadocia

Cappadocia contains thousands of details that will inspire every designer. Whatever the subject of your design, it has always been a source of inspiration to the whole world. In the project we designed for Kerastase, we focused on adding supporting elements to the existing natural structure rather than creating a “designed” event space with an approach that is integrated with the organic texture of Paşabağ. The area was impressive enough anyway. Instead of making designs that would compete with it, it was best to make touches that would underline the existing natural and beutiful structure of the valley. Thus, the concept of “Cappadocia, Country of White Horses” emerged, spread over 2000 square meters of land. We reconsidered the word “experience” by including the mystery of the night in the concept created with “no stage” shows.