2016 – Koton “Sirk Defile”

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2016 KOTON ‘’ SİRK DEFİLE’’- Esma Sultan Yalısı

Messages for project requests have always been the subject of a smile for event designers. This project was the 50th birthday of the owner of Koton, an important textile brand in Turkey, and we were only asked to design a show. In the e-mail it was written: "… Ms. Gülden enjoys her job the most". 
Circus artists were used entirely in the fashion show. Catwalk training was given to circus artists for this 25-minutes fashion show. The entire product segment of Koton was examined and grouped one by one, without being complacent about the word "entertainment". The spirit of the circus performances and the spirit of the product themes were matched with each other.
Thus, for the first time, a fashion show with circus artists was included in the event references.